Friday, 31 October 2014

PURPOSE to describe
WALT show not tell in our writing

This is my show don't tell. I hope you like it!!!

Not a single cloud in the bright blue sky. Racing across the hot burning sand. Standing still like  a statue, slowly looking down with our mouths wide open ready. We dived in the cold huge waves zooming towards us. We swam fast. We swam slow. We held our breath longer and longer. Splash, splash, splash, “hey OH Im gonna get you”. A huge laugh blurted out of our mouths with a scream in the background. She turns as fast as she can. She dives while the giant waves crash on top of her. “ Sea weed…. Really.” “Kai’s ready” yelled a squeaking voice over the booming waves. We ran and ran as fast as we could to get there first. We were wondering what we were going to have….