Monday, 7 April 2014

compensation problem video

A few weeks ago, Waimarama, Kara and I made a video on the I pads so we could show how we learnt over the term.We learnt how to compensate two numbers to add and take away.The next time we do a video I think that we should use something else than our chrome books.
Compensation Adding from Room 17 on Vimeo.


  1. hi kirihiria,well its awesome to see you actively participating in your new way of learning...when you come home you can show mum. I have a question ? how do you do your maths and spelling?

  2. Hi mum all I have to do is to go on my drive and practise my maths and spelling.

  3. Hi I love how you and your group worked that out put who ever was talking I think they would need to speak up. But I loved it thank you for putting on your blog It was awesome.